Junk Food Is The Best Junk You Can Find.

I know this is the first post, but it’s the middle of midterms week for me and yes, I have a report due tomorrow and I have yet to start it. I blame it partially on the fact that I was able to do my Cultural Anthropology paper in about 40 minutes this morning so that I could hand it in just in time when class starts at 10am. Anyways, I’ll keep this post rather short. That, by the way, was the nerdy side of me. But since it’s midterms week, I’m staying indoors with a diet full of junk food.

Today I was introduced to this new snack by my friend, Hannah. It’s made by Lotte and it’s called “Kancho”. These small chocolate filled biscuits are crispy on the outside with a light, rich, and sweet interior. The packaging on it was ingenious, sort of like a tissue box, so that it would be easier to reach even the last biscuit hidden in a corner of the box. While I don’t really know where you can get it, Hannah told me that you can probably get it at any larger Korean supermarket. It made my lengthy morning better so if you’re reading this, thanks Hannah!

P.S. OHH!!! I’m also going with a bunch of friends to watch Alice in the Wonderland on IMAX 3-D this Friday. I really can’t wait especially since this week has been far from fun.

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