Welcome To South Korea. Where They Host Beauty Pageants On A Daily Basis.

Okay so I just finished my two midterms today. The Cultural Anthropology midterm wasn’t hard at all thanks to the brilliant study guide my friend, Patricia made. We traded study guides. The Faith guide I made for the Cultural Anthropology guide she made. Teamwork has never sound so good before. Anyways, now that midterms are over and my next exams aren’t until Wednesday, I can make a new post finally! I actually got out of class, had lunch, then went to the computer lab to make this post!

So lately I’ve been really into Korean entertainment. When it comes to Korea, everything I can possibly think of is amazing there…well…at least almost everything. Korean food is delicious. If you’ve tried cucumber kimchi with a good hot steaming bowl of nice white rice, you’ll definitely know what I mean. Korean electronics are amazing. Look at where some of the best TV’s are made. Samsung, LG, etc have all made a name of themselves in a matter of a few years. Korean girls are gorgeous. Some of you might reply with “plastic surgery”, but I honestly think that cosmetic surgery can only do so much. If the person originally was born horrifically ugly, that person probably won’t be beautiful even after the most extensive cosmetic surgery. Just so you all don’t think I’m being reckless and making random claims about Korean females being beautiful and at the very least, cute, I’ve decided to gather a bunch of pictures.

Korean girls can also rap...really well. How many girls do you know look like that and rap?

This is Dara of 2NE1. She sings well and she's an amazing actress too!

Park Gyuri of KARA. She's a beauty isn't she?

I was just listening to them. It's crazy catchy.

I’d continue going, but honestly…you probably get the point. Not only are these girls beautiful, but they’re all talented and hardworking. I think I should probably stop before I convince myself to move to Korea. Korean girls are beginning to sound like angels. Seriously.

P.S. This post is motivating me to learn Korean.

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