Boogie Down At K-Town!

Today marks the beginning of my spring break. Aside from having some really amazing time with my friends that came back from Syracuse, I also went to K-Town (Korea Town) with Hannah earlier in the evening to look for Karaoke lounges to celebrate a friend’s upcoming birthday. Anyways, we came across a pretty nicely decorated Karaoke place called “WOW”. I didn’t really get a Karaoke feel from the place since its lighting and ambiance was like a club’s. Anyways, it’s really nice. So go if you have time to sing a few songs with your friends!

Also, today Hannah and I also stopped by Asia Mart which usually carries a variety of Korean groceries. That being said, I ended up wandering into the ramen noodle section. Yes, I’m one of those people that can live off of Ramen noodles if it were possible without shortening my life. I bought what I haven’t had in awhile: Chapagetti! I love Chapagetti because it’s so easy to make and yet, it’s delicious. It’s also a very common food in Korea and you should definitely try it because it’s amazing!

One word: AMAZING!

P.S. We also got free PINKBERRY TODAY! The Mango flavor was great, especially with cereal toppings. But I think I still like Pomegranate more…


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