Mad For Chicken Had Me Singing WOW

So I didn’t really have time to blog about this last night, but it was a beautiful Tuesday and I spent it outside with my friends. After that horrible rain storm on Saturday, this type of mildly warm weather seems heavenly. Pre-made plans by Hannah and Michelle quickly turned to reality when a bunch of my friends and from college (yes this blog belongs to someone of age) came out to have dinner at a small chicken joint in K-Town, called Mad for Chicken. While we all weren’t really “mad” for chicken, the delicate balance of soy and garlic on these chicken wings and drumsticks made us crave for more. Albeit it’s rather pricey-ness for chicken, it was well worth it. If you have the time to stop by and its your first time eating Korean fried chicken, definitely give this place a visit before going to Kyochon, diagonally across the street, because first impressions matter.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m far from one of those people that sit and check members of the opposite sex out constantly in hopes of “scoring”. However, I do rate people of either sexes in my head. You know…when you see a good looking male/female and you think to yourself, “Wow! He/She is good looking”, and that’s all there is to your particular thought. So I saw the waitresses and mind me, I found them attractive. (props to Michelle and Hannah who have been talking about cute guys before dinner even started) They weren’t drop dead gorgeous, but for the average standards, they were slightly better. Our check came out to be $140 for 6 people, tips and tax included, which in my opinion wasn’t bad at all.

Delicious chicken combo. We had 6 of these.

Finally, after a scrumptious meal the majority of us went around the corner to a Karaoke bar with a club ambiance called “WOW”. For those of you wondering, the lighting and cleanliness as well as the technologically up to date machinery really did have me saying “WOW”. Anyways, we sang plenty of songs, mainly those catchy nostalgic 90s pop songs that can always bring out your inner superstar but we had some K-pop and Oldies But Goldies. It was a really hip place that offered drinks and light snacks, though we didn’t have any after that huge meal. It wasn’t expensive either and the guy was nice enough to throw in a free 10 minutes in which we managed to sing snippets of some of the last minute songs we wanted. This place is definitely worth going back to.

Michelle (left) and Hannah (right) singing their hearts out to "Gee" by SNSD like true superstars!


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