Bargains and Quality Healthy Fast Food??

So I haven’t posted in awhile but that’s because I’ve been busy with school work and scheduling as well as looking for things to do over the summer. Job hunting is really getting more difficult and if I were experienced I would definitely apply for a job as a personal shopper. Why not get paid to help choose out clothes for people and make them look fabulous?

Anyways, aside from the daydreaming, I finally went to my all time favorite tofu restaurant, So Kong Dong in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It’s so popular that patrons are always there by 5pm eating dinner already. As it gets progressively later in the night, the line gets very long and you’re forced to order while waiting on line so that the food will reach the table around the same time you do! The service is in all honesty…frighteningly horrid. They bring a new meaning to “fast food” because everything comes all at once and don’t expect them to ever approach your table again until you ask for the check. Though this might be “fast food” to the very literal sense, it is no doubt much healthier and tastier.

Yet, most people who come back are regulars and you always wonder…why do they put up with that kind of service? Well I, a regular, can give you the answer…THE FOOD! The tofu chigae (Sundubu jjigae) and galbi there are amazing. Even the side dishes that come with your order are delicious. My favorite would definitely have to be their cucumber kimchi, which was enough for me to eat one whole bowl of rice by itself. The tofu chigae can usually lead to two more bowls of rice and the galbi is great for a change of taste. The tofu chigae comes in various spiciness levels, starting with: not spicy and finishing with very hot, which would roast off all your taste buds. I usually settle for “hot” which is one level lower than “very hot” and I am already an extremely tolerable eater when it comes to spiciness.

Cucumber kimchi was the superstar of the side dishes! Try it!

Red hot is how I like my chigae...can YOU handle it?

So while this isn’t the type of food you’d eat on a first date, it is definitely a great place to go to with a large group of friends (leave the spicy outfits behind though) and then possibly taking the George Washington Bridge to karaoke afterwards or maybe head to a bar/club for more partying.

By the way, ALLSAINTS SPITALFIELDS, a UK inspired fashion-forward brand is opening its flagship store in Soho. They have quite some outfits for the fashion-forward folks of NYC. Please do check them out. For those of you who want a small bite, check out Bar 89 which is also in Soho for a quick pre/mid/post-shopping bite and drink! If you’re not such a big fan of Soho, there is a Hermès Spring Sale with discounts up to 60% percent off! It is located at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 123 W. 18th St., nr. Sixth Ave. (212-463-0200); you can call for hours.

Here’s a picture of Bar 89 for those of you that want to know how it looks:

Bar 89 is on located 89 Mercer Street

P.S. Aside from reviewing food, I will also be talking more about Summer events and fashion sales or new noteworthy store/restaurant openings!


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