Amazing Weather Cooks Up Some Amazing Food

So it’s been awhile since the last post and I apologize for that. The weather lately in NYC has been so amazing (especially after that week of nonstop torrential  rainstorms) that I couldn’t help myself but spend most of my time outdoors which in turn, means I have less time to blog.

Anyways, let’s start off with some catching up. I know I mentioned a new snack place located in Soho during one of my previous posts called Bar 89. Well…I went there for a more thorough meal and to my surprise, discovered a lot of things I didn’t find out during the first visit. I sat down for dinner and ordered a Chicken Calabrese which was amazing albeit spicy because every bite of the burger was filled with seeded peppers and a plate of buffalo wings. The buffalo wings are quoted to be made from the original recipe from Buffalo. But these wings were tangy and spicy. It’s not easy to eat one whole plate of these so it’s best to share them and despite the misnomer of it being a “plate”, it’s got around 10 or 12 pieces of drumsticks and wings so one “plate” for two people is enough. While the food here is decent and the portions are well worth it for the price, it does get busy so make sure you make reservations. Also…do not forget to visit their bathrooms. I won’t spoil your surprise, but I’m letting you know that you must see the bathrooms!

A typical burger at Bar 89 looks like this. Big portions and taste!

Meanwhile this beautiful Thursday was my girlfriend, Michelle’s, birthday. Yes it was right on April Fools, but we had a nice picnic with a close friend, Hannah, at Central Park. While we did not get any food from the variety of options in Central Park,  we did have some amazing food that Hannah brought along. There was her mother’s homemade Kimbap with avocado inside, Kyochon chicken, and an assortment of Arizona Iced Tea (those 99 cents cans). The Kimbap that Hannah’s mother made was delicious and I took one roll that we couldn’t finish to my mother later that same day and she ate all of it in a matter of 5 minutes telling me how good it was. So if you ever want good Kimbap, try to get it homemade! Thanks Hannah for the amazing food and Happy Birthday, Michelle! I hope you had an amazing birthday and day after!

Kimbap, not yet cut. These aren't the ones that Hannah's mother made. Those were eaten before I had the chance to take a good picture of it.

On the fashion side of the world, sunglasses are going to be flying off the shelves this month in preparation for the summer. So a friend of mine has a brand that just released a line of sunglasses, called YEROC. They’re fashionable and made in good taste and quality. The company also frequently engages in philanthropy and fundraising for charities so it’s for a good cause. The official launch of these sunglasses was today and the ICON, the first of the line to be released to the public is very exclusive, with only 111 made. These sunglasses are for sale online (check out:, at some boutiques and at Sunglasses Hut. Please check them out and buy one if you’d like to look fabulous this summer!


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