Exclusive? Not Anymore!

Yup, 2NE1's Beats by Dr. Dre! Now you can get them too!

Remember I said I was going to watch Alice In Wonderland on IMAX 3D with my friends? Well that’s exactly what we did yesterday night and it was amazing! I loved the movie and my favorite quote? “Yes, I’m afraid so. You’ve gone bonkers. You’re mad. But let me tell you a secret: all the best people are!” If you’ve got time and enough money for an IMAX 3D ticket, call up a few friends and watch Alice In Wonderland!

Anyways, to follow up on my last post, I’ve been really into the Korean pop group, 2NE1. Yes, it’s all females and they’re all, in my opinion (and many others would agree), beautiful. They got this gift by the President of some company they worked with and it was a bunch of exclusive Beats by Dr. Dre. They’re not the only ones running around with Beats in unique colors; a bunch of NBA stars have those headphones in the color of their team. So with that said, I’ve been craving one of 2NE1’s exclusive Beats, especially CL’s because it was on a music video. There’s good news today though. I was able to find a site that made Beats in custom colors! If you took a look at the colors on the Beats that 2NE1 have, this site offers those too. It’s a little pricey, but honestly if you’re going to pay $300 for those headphones in normal colors, you might as well pay $500 and get them in colors you love and be the head-turner in the streets. Here are red ones that look like Park Bom’s (2NE1) Beats: (you can hover your mouse over the links too see them as well)http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-188-beats-studio.aspx?2472=37197&2473=37249&2474=37334&2475=37348&2476=37404&2477=37490&2478=37508&2479=37561&2480=37613&2481=37698&2482=37720 And these are my favorites, yellow ones that look like CL’s (2NE1) Beats: http://www.colorwarepc.com/p-188-beats-studio.aspx?2472=37190&2473=37242&2474=37298&2475=37348&2476=37398&2477=37451&2478=37525&2479=37554&2480=37606&2481=37698&2482=37714


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